Decolonising work

I have been privileged to have been asked to contribute to a range of Decolonising work, primarily at or through my work with De Montfort University. Some of these resources are below.

Peer-reviewed Papers and Book Chapters

Hall, R., Ansley, L., and Connolly, P. (2023). Decolonising or anti-racism? Exploring the limits of possibility in higher education. Teaching in Higher Education. DOI: 10.1080/13562517.2023.2201676 [This article was one of six nominated for the Teaching in Higher Education Editors’ Choice Award for 2024.]

Hall, R. (2023). Addressing white privilege as a pedagogic process of decolonising. In Leading Innovation and Creativity in University Teaching: Implementing Change at the Programme Level, eds Nolan, S., and Hutchinson, S., pp. 56-67. London: Routledge.

Hall, R. (forthcoming, 2023). On the abolition of intellectual leadership. In Intellectual leadership, higher education and precarious times, eds Fitzgerald, T., Gunter, H., and Nixon J. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

Hall, R., Gill, R., and Gamsu, S. (2022). ‘Whiteness is an immoral choice’: The idea of the University at the intersection of crises. Special Issue: Higher Education in the Eye of the Covid-19 Storm, in Higher Education: The International Journal of Higher Education Research.

Hall, R. (2022). Composting The Anti-Human University. In Postdigital Ecopedagogies: Genealogies, Contradictions, and Possible Futures, eds Jandrić, P., and Ford, D.R., pp. 59-76. Berlin: Springer.

Hall, R. (2022). Weaving dignity beyond the abject university. In Critical Pedagogy and Emancipation: A Festschrift in Memory of Joyce Canaan, eds Asher, G. Cowden, S., Housee, S., and Maisuria, A., pp. 73-87. New York: Peter Lang.

Hall, R., Ansley, L., Connolly, P., Loonat, S., Patel, K., and Whitham, B. (2021). Struggling for the anti-racist university: learning from an institution-wide response to curriculum decolonisation. Teaching in Higher Education, Special Issue, Possibilities and complexities of decolonising higher education: critical perspectives on praxis. DOI: 10.1080/13562517.2021.1911987

Hall, R. (2021). Venturing beyond the imposition of a postdigital, anti-human higher education. In Postdigital Humans: Transitions, Transformations and Transcendence, ed. Savin-Baden, M., 53-70. Berlin: Springer.

Hall, R. (2020). Another world is possible: The possibilities for a transformative post-capitalist education. In The Routledge Handbook of Transformative Global Studies, eds Hosseini Faradonbeh S.A., Goodman, J., Motta, S., and Gills, B.K., pp. 84-96. London: Routledge.

Ansley, L. and Hall, R. (2019). Freedom to Achieve: addressing the attainment gap through student and staff co-creation. Compass: Journal of Learning and Teaching, 12(1). 

Research Reports

Loonat, S., and Hall, R. (2024). Disciplinary Guide: Decolonial Studies. Research With International Students.

Ansley, L., and Hall, R. (2024). Decolonising DMU: Progress Report. De Montfort University, Leicester. 

Hall, R. et al. (2022). Decolonising DMU: Interim Report. De Montfort University, Leicester.

Research Environment

Decolonising DMU working position

Decolonising DMU: A self-auditing guide for research centres and institutes

Decolonising research ethics: an introduction

Decolonising Research Ethics Video

Presentation on the research centres and institutes self-audit tool, as part of the decolonising DMU celebration festival.

Decolonising Research Podcast (with Gurvinder Aujla-Sidhu and Lisa Palmer, June 2021)

Decolonising Postgraduate Research Podcast (for the Research culture podcast, hosted by Tony Bromley, December 2022)

Decolonising Research Series: Decolonising DMU and the PGR Experience (University of Exeter podcast, September 2022)

Little acts of decolonisation: finding the cracks in the whiteness of academic writing. A workshop with Bally Kaur, Sayan Dey, Amrita Narang and Juliet Henderson.

Presentations on Decolonising

There is a full list at my conference papers page. However a limited set of slides are available below, or on my Slideshare.

Decolonising DMU and the PGR Experience, at the University of Exeter, June 2022

Decolonising DMU: Towards the anti-racist University, at the University of Durham, March 2023 (with Lucy Ansley and Paris Connolly)

Decolonising Research Ethics, for the Decolonising the STEM Curriculum working group, University of Bristol, March 2023