Research Supervision and Teaching

Research supervision and examination

I currently supervise 10 Ph.D. student projects on: Black school leaders in Leicester secondary schools; the broken pipeline between higher education and marketing and communications industries; an exploration of the impact of contextualised academic support on international student outcomes in Higher Education; the relationship between decolonising and Black PGR experiences; the pracademic in higher education; universal design for learning and international higher education; universal design for learning in numeracy-based disciplines; the political economy of further education in relation to functional skills; nurse education, SFAs and human factors; and, the lived experiences of wounded nurse educators. 

I have successfully bid for two Full Bursary Ph.D. applications: A critical evaluation of continuing professional development strategies for digital literacy in UK compulsory education (2013); and A critical evaluation of the impact of neoliberal governance on the lived experience of school communities in UK primary education (2017).

I have ten completions as a supervisor for projects on: genocide education (narrative enquiry); the neoliberal construction of primary school communities (general qualitative); professional identity and digital literacy in UK secondary schools (grounded theory); intelligent authoring tools in finance-related disciplines (mixed methods); academic adoption of learning management systems in Saudi Arabia (grounded theory); Information Technology Shared Services in United Kingdom Local Authorities (case studies and activity theory); digital literacy amongst academics in Saudi Arabia (mixed methods); the future of public engagement with digital historic interiors (mixed methods); decision systems in Saudi Arabian higher education (mixed methods); and nurse education and resilience (grounded theory).

I have examined 22 PhD theses (eight external and 14 internal), and 1 external M.Phil. I have acted as independent chair for 6 DMU PhD vivas.

Teaching at DMU

Validation team member: MA in Education Practice (2010).

Validation lead: UCPD in Web-Enhanced Practice (2009).

Designed and taught the first-year Education Studies’ module, evidenced-based teaching and learning (2018-20).

Module team: Historical and Contemporary Issues in Education (first-year, 2018-22); Introduction to Education (first-year, since 2022); Contemporary and Evidence-Based Issues in Education (first-year, since 2022); Teaching Diversity: International Perspectives (second-year, 2019-21); Research Methods (second-year, since 2021); Politics of Education (second-year, since 2021); and, Dissertation (third-year, since 2018).

Supervisor for MA students both in Education Practice and by Independent Study, for dissertation and negotiated study (since 2010).

PGCHE: led the ELT strand of the Post-Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE) (2005-15); led the Assessment and Feedback module (2014-16).

Beginning to Teach in HE: led the Assessment and Feedback course (2014-16).

Module team: History, Presenting and Representing the Past at DMU (first-year, 2008-11).