Episode 12: in which I blather on about 2019, Raya Dunayevskaya, the pointlessness of football and the end of the end of therapy

I decided to dedicate a blogpost to my mate Jon Beech. If you want to make a donation or get involved with the Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network, you can do so here. The blogpost is not recorded in a café when I’ve forgotten my directional mics, and so the sound quality is better.

I discuss or make mention of 11 things that have catalysed important reflections for me in 2019. These are as follows.



  • My doubt over the value and meaning of my voluntary work, and its relation to organising around paid work.
  • My energy in relation to organising around paid work.


  • The collapse of my love for football, and any meaning to be taken from it beyond friendships.
  • Caring for my Nan, and being myself in a particular place.
  • Internalising the ways in which Sunita Puri considers palliative care, and who is centred in any interaction we have in  this world.
  • Mourning and celebrating the end of therapy.

In peace.

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