Episode 15: in which I blather on about the 1973 FA Cup Final, Ethel Merman, and citizen science under the dominion of Covid-19

With Mark Charlton from down our street, I discuss our citizen science project-cum-group therapy session-cum-local diary of life, that is our Street Diary under the dominion of Covid-19. We discuss how we are living under the virus as it infects our bodies and our lives, the role of the market and the idea of the common good, and whether everything really will come up roses. I mention watching the 1973 FA Cup Final, and we both highlight how busy and exhausted we are.

Street diary, known as The Coronavirus Diaries, can be found at: https://streetdiary.org/

Mark is: https://twitter.com/thenewstatsman

I am currently listening to new work by Four Tet, Caribou, Little Dragon and Yves Tumor. I commend them to you.

Keep safe, and persevere. Always.



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