Episode 16: in which I talk to Joss Winn about being a Luthier

I talk to my good friend Joss Winn about spirituality, Buddhism and Quakerism, the making and playing and crafting of guitars, research into Luthiers, and the impact of the pandemic on work and home. Joss and I have been friends for a decade, writing on critical theory and higher education, and attempting to walk-the-walk on alternative practices. In this podcast, we discuss the common strands or threads that accompany personal transformation, the importance of making, the possibility for autonomy in work, and how one might know oneself and recover oneself after a breakdown.

It seems apposite to interview Joss at this time, as he and his wife Sue came to my Mum’s funeral almost seven years ago. In fact, the anniversary of her death is in two days. I will be forever grateful that they were there.

You can read more about Joss’s work at: https://josswinn.org/

His lovely, edited collection of his late father’s work is at: https://josswinn.org/2016/06/22/what-we-leave-behind/

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